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History & Background



 Various forms of microfinance practices have been in    existence in Kerala from early days.

 When the concept of Self Help Group was introduced in Kerala    in the 1980s, it was quick to gather momentum.

 In the early nineties a community led poverty identification    format was developed as part of the Alappuzha UBSP    Programme.

 By this time the NABARD promoted SHG, linkage banking    programme had established itself as a viable microfinance    model.

 In 1994, the CBNP project of Malappuram tried to assimilate these experiences and develop a women based community    structure for service delivery of government programmes.

 The 73rd & 74th constitutional amendments strengthened PRIs and ULBs.

 Shortly afterwards, the People's Plan Campaign for decentralised Governance created strong local self governments    (Panchayaths and Municipalities) in the State.

 Kudumbashree was launched in 1998 as a community network that would work in tandem with local self governments for    poverty eradication and women empowerment.

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