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Local Government Interface

LSG Linkage

Kudumbashree functions as the community voice of the LSG – in particular the voice of the economically and socially weak, and of women. Most of the plan interventions of grama panchayaths and urban local governments in the areas of poverty reduction and women’s development use the CDS network as agency.

Kudumbashree and the 12th 5 Year Plan

The guidelines for the formulation of the 12th 5 Year Plan by local governments highlight agricultural production, local economic development, poverty eradication and social equity as core objectives. All these are significant areas of interface of the CDS with the local government. Through their interventions in the grama sabhas and sectoral working groups for plan formulation, the women of Kudumbashree can help put the core objective of the 12th 5 Year Plan at the heart of the development debate.