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Proceedings - ONAM Fair-2016


Monthly Markets

Kudumbashree took its first step in marketing by facilitating monthly markets at the district level. Fixed venue, date and infrastructure facilities were provided to CDS for the markets. The support of LSGs ensured in the conduct of the fairs. Monthly markets became functional on 2 October 2007.

Monthly markets provide a new platform for Kudumbashree to develop a brand image in the minds of the public. The demand for more markets, increase in the number of market days, the demand for product in remote areas led the Mission to expand the market in municipal, block, taluk-level fairs to Panchayat-levels. In several LSGs, the monthly markets eventually became weekly markets and wherever LSG has come to provide permanent space, they have become daily shops.

Fairs has become one of the main marketing mode of Mission by exploring every opportunity like religious festivals, government programmes, programmes of religious institutions or national and State festivals such as Onam, Christmas, Vishu, Ramzan fairs etc.


As part of brand building, Kudumbashree participates in national and international festivals. India International Trade Fair is one event Kudumbashree participates.

State Trade Fair

Kudumbashree as part of brand image creation and to promote state wide products conducts special trade fairs, food fests and cultural fests featuring Kerala’s cuisine, art forms and various products made by Kudumbashree women.

Home shop

It is a process of marketing products made by Kudumbashree beneficiaries to the local community through the support of CBOs in the local community. The distribution system or the marketing groups are managed by a professional management team. Thus three systems - production, marketing and management - work in close coordination.

Retail Shops

The retail shops are proposed to be set up with the help and support of LSGIs. If space is provided by LSGs then Kudumbashree will provide financial support for working capital and for designing and developing interiors. Monitoring will be done by the concerned LSGs and CDSs. An outlet is started functional in Ettumanoor CDS of Kottayam district.

Food fests

Promotion of canteen and catering units and ethnic delicacies enabled the Mission to start food fests in association with leading newspapers and other departments across the state. The ethnic delicacies across Kerala are brought on a single platform so that customers can taste and understand the various cuisines familiar in each locality in the districts.


Kudumbashree’s present marketing channels includes monthly market, fairs, homeshops and retails outlets.The products which have already shown a regular demand among customers and are ethnic and unique in some districts are suggested to be considered as premium products. The main objectives behind branding demaned products are adding more marketing segments especially high end markets for these selected products.
As a first stage, 10 products from various sectors are selected and planned to fine tune to compete with established brands. Work is in progress including certification of the products.

Going forward, more products and services can be added to the premium sectors considering the USP.

Parallel market research and analysis will ensure that the ever-changing demands of the market are accounted by the micro-enterprises making them more sustainable in long run.

The uniqueness of Kudumbashree’s marketing sector is that equal importance should be given to all type of microenterprises as the beneficiaries ranges from a home stead activity to consortium model. Considering the range of the Micro Enterprise feasible strategy is adopted.