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Memorandum Of Association


  To fight poverty by Community Action through "Kudumbashree" A joint programme of the Government of Kerala and Nabard implemented through Community Development Societies (CDSs) of Poor Women, serving as the community wing of Local Governments


1.  Name of Society : Kerala State Poverty Eradication Mission(here in after refered to as the Mission)

2. The registered office of the society shall be situated at Thiruvananthapuram with its activities extending to      the whole State of Kerala and its address shall be :

     Kerala State Poverty Eradication Mission Local
     Administration Department Secretariat Annexe
     Trivandrum-695 039.

3. Mission statement

To eradicate absolute poverty in ten years through concerted community action under the leadership of Local Governments
by facilitating organization of the poor for combining self-help with demand-led convergence of available services and
resources to tackle the multiple dimensions and manifestations of poverty holistically.

4. The objectives of the mission shall be :

1.Facilitating self-identification of the poor families through a transparent risk index composed of socially accepted
indicators of poverty through a participatory survey.

2.Empowering the women among the poor to improve their individual and collective capabilities by organising them into
Neighbourhood Groups at the local level, Area Development Societies at the local government ward level and
Community Development Societies at the local government level.

        3.   Encouraging thrift and investment through credit by developing Community Development Societies to work as
              "Informal Banks of the Poor".

        4.   Improving incomes of the poor through upgradation of vocational and managerial skills and creation of opportunities
              for self-employment and wage employment.

        5.   Ensuring better health and nutrition for all poor families.

        6.   Ensuring access to basic amenities like safe drinking water, sanitary latrines, improved shelter and healthy living

        7.   Ensuring zero drop out in schools for all children belonging to the poor families.

        8.   Promoting functional literacy among the poor and supporting continuation of education.

        9.   Enabling the poor to participate in the decentralization process through the Community Development Society, as a
              sub-system of the local governments.

10.Helping the poor to fight social evils like alcoholism, smoking and drug abuse, dowry, discrimination based on               gender/religion, caste etc.

      11.   Providing a mechanism for convergence of all resources and services meant for alleviation of poverty in the State.

      12.   Collaborating with governmental and non-governmental institutions and agencies in all activities related to improving
              the quality of life of the poor.

5. Without prejudice to the objectives and for effectively carrying out the same, the mission:

        1.   Shall act as an agency under the Local Administration Department, Government of Kerala, to administer, manage,
              monitor and review the implementation of the participatory anti-poverty project.

        2.   May act in co-operation with government departments and agencies at the State and Central level, with NABARD and
              other financial institutions, bilateral and multilateral agencies and non-government organisations academic institutions.

        3.   May receive funds/grants/assistance from the State and Central governments, State government and other national,
              bilateral and multilateral agencies and financial institutions and disburse funds to Local Bodies and Community
              Development Societies and non-governmental organisations in accordance with the project.

        4.   May drew up projects for receiving assistance from government and non-government sources and financial

        5.   May receive donations from the public or institutions.

        6.   May provide grants, subsidies, credit and technical assistance to departments, agencies, groups and individuals.

        7.   Shall organise and arrange smooth flow of credit to the Community Development Societies, Area Development
               Societies and Neighbourhood Groups.

        8.   Shall organise and arrange for providing of inputs wherever required.

        9.   Shall strive to bring about a convergence of available resources and services meant for poverty reduction.

      10.   May set up or establish any special service required for achieving the objectives with the approval of the Government.

11.May draw, accept, make, discount and negotiate with the Government of India and others, promissory notes, bills of               exchange, cheques or other negotiable instruments.

      12.   May invest the funds or the money entrusted to the Mission upon such security or in any such manner, determined by
              the government and from time to time to sell or transpose such investments, in accordance with prevalent
              government instructions.

      13.   May purchase, take on lease, accept as gift, construct, or otherwise acquire, any loan or property wherever suitable
              which may be necessary or useful for the Mission.

      14.   May sell, lease, exchange and or otherwise transfer any portion of the properties of the Mission for the purposes of the

      15.   May employ directly or indirectly by grants to other institutions, persons to further the programmes to be
              undertaken/supported by the Mission.

      16.   Shall do all other such things as may be considered necessary by the Mission and may be incidental or conducive to
              the attainment of its objectives as laid down in the guidelines issued by the State Government for the
              implementation of anti-poverty programmes.

      17.   Shall undertake evaluation studies and conduct training and may publish journals, periodicals, newsletters, posters,
              conduct seminars, symposiums, support sessions etc. to achieve the project objectives.

      18.   May provide consultancy, advisory services both within and outside the country.

      19.   May support non-governmental organisations to take up activities in furtherance of the objectives.

      20.   Shall function as the State Urban Development Agency for the purpose of implementation of centrally sponsored
              anti-poverty programmes for the urban poor and continue doing the work hither to done by the State Urban Poverty
              Alleviation Cell.

6. The management and control of the society is entrusted to Governing Body of the Mission and shall be carried      on in accordance with the Rules and Regulations. The names, addresses and designation of the present      members of the Governing Body are as mentioned in the Rules and Regulations hereunder.


In the meeting held on 12-11-98 under the Chairmanship of Minister for Local Administration it was decided to register the "Kerala State Poverty Eradication Mission" as a Mission under the Literary, Scientific and Charitable Societies Act 1955.


1. Shri. Paloly Mohammedkutty
    Minister for Local Administration

2. Shri. S.M. Vijayanand,
    Secretary, Local Administration Department

3. Dr. K.M. Abraham
    Secretary, Finance Department

4. Shri. T.R. Gopalakrishnan
    Secretaty, Social Welfare Department

5. Shri. P.K. Sivanandan
    Principal Secretary, SC/ST Development Department

7. Shri. Rajiv Sadanandan
    Special Secretary, Health Department

8. Dr. John Kurian
    General Manager, NABARD

9. Shri. K. Jayakumar
    Secretary, General Education Department

10.Shri. A.K. Parameshwaran
    Addl. Secretary, Rural Development Department