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Capacity Building


The Kudumbashree network of community organizations now covers about half of the total families in the State. In addressing issues of poverty from multiple angles, the efforts of Kudumbashree are focused in three key areas – economic empowerment, social empowerment and gender empowerment. Capacity building of stakeholders is a very important part of these efforts. Kudumbashree’s training programmes are pro-active, and are aimed at being more than mere knowledge or information delivery. Training programmes are seen as opportunities to engage with the stakeholders, help them understand and assimilate organizational priorities, and at the same time, give feedback from the grassroots.


Institutional tie-ups have been made with established training agencies. Services of Kudumbashree’s training enterprises are utilized for conducting training programmes. Pools of resource persons have been developed at different tiers, with specific orientation to deal with capacity building at their respective levels.